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Meet Luis Jacobo

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About Mr. Luis Jacobo


Mr. Jacobo encountered, what now is his passion, when he was taken a vacations in New York in the year 1986. By the time, he had a degree in Engineering and a PhD in shipbuilding. Loving math and numbers the way he does, his cousin challenged him with the personal income tax preparation flyer. He studied it and learned the process of how to prepared taxes. This event was the beginning of his life into the professional he is now. He moved to Atlanta where he got his bachelor of business, major in computer aid manufacturing. He got certified by Toastmasters, a Non-profit organization developing public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback in local clubs since 1924. In Addition, while studying, Mr. Jacobo learned how to speak English, French, German and Portuguese, including his mother language, Spanish. After this, he encountered work opportunities with international and national companies, such as Kawasaki and General Electric.

While he was working in one of this company, there was a problem in the Habana, Cuba, and he was asked to deliver personally medicines and blood for some friends. He got there and delivered the packages efficiently. After this, he started to provide that services and eventually earned the nickname of as blue carrier. He delivered money, medicine, food, articles and many other things requested for the public. From providing this service, what now is known as Jacobo & Associates Inc. was born. These jobs did not only give him connections, but inspired him to go door to door to offer his services as a tax prepare. He would pick up the documents and delivered them when they were ready. Since his services reached to companies and his worker, there was a time when Mr. Jacobo had up to 5000 clients for a single tax season. Always with the desired of serving people, his services provided delivery of packages to Cuba, immigration documents, income tax preparation, document translator and many others. For this reason, he decided to open his office in Hialeah, Florida, where the community has shaped him into the person and professional he is now and have given him the opportunity to served them and grow with them.

Mr. Luis Jacobo’s Professional Education

Mr. Luis Jacobo in Action!